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Torune Dress-Up Wrappers

Your kids will adore these Torune Dress-Up Wrappers! You can decorate them and pack them with your child’s lunch. They are perfect for celebrating a special day. You can also let your children be creative and decorate their own dress-up wrapper. Use these for party favours or just as a special touch added to a bento box. Either way, these Dress-Up Wrappers are sure to be a blast! Each pack includes 15 sheets of  Dress-Up Wrappers (3 each of 5 Patterns). 

Food accessories make a great addition to any bento box: they are the fastest, easiest way to make lunch fun and appealing to kids of all ages. Perfect for picky eaters, it’s easy to change things up often with our wide variety…and of course they are reusable too. See our entire collection to find your favourites!