CUTE KID STUFF shops the world to bring you adorable, hard-to-find children’s products.  Canadian online shoppers can select from a variety of unique products that have been hand-picked for their exceptional qualities.  Typically only available in the USA and Europe, these special items can now be purchased on without the hassle and expense of cross-border shopping. CUTE KID STUFF offers high-quality, fun, safe, and educational products that are guaranteed to delight the young children in your life.  


Research shows that there is a substantial opportunity to impress Canadian shoppers by offering a solution to the poorer selection and higher prices found here (when compared to shopping in the USA).

  • By offering an assortment of cute and amazing products which are more commonly found over the border, CUTE KID STUFF allows discerning gift-givers to purchase unique items without the hassle and extra cost associated with importing the goods themselves. 


CUTE KID STUFF has traveled throughout North America, Europe, and Asia and has personally selected every product available on Our focus is on safe, unique products that are not readily available in Canada. We:

  • Like toys that have a "classic" element to them; items that are meant to last generations
  • Stay clear of electronic toys, don't offer the latest fads... and have a special place in our heart for wooden toys
  • Seem to have a knack for finding products that elicit the ever-popular "OMG, that is sooo CUTE! (and where can I get it?)" reaction :-). 
  • Also sell amazing greeting cards for the entire family, featuring the luxury PAPYRUS brand at reduced prices.

P.S.  I'm a mom of two young children, and would not sell anything that I wouldn't choose for my own kids. 


  • CUTE KID STUFF operates online, and also attends select consumer events throughout the year. Like Us & Follow Us to see where we'll show up next!
  • All items ship from the Greater Toronto Area (Ontario, Canada)
  • Find out about "Free Local Pickup" in Vaughan on our SHIPPING page


    Prior to starting CUTE KID STUFF in August 2014, we founded a Greeting Card Distributorship business, and are proud to have established long-term relationships with small and large independent and franchised businesses throughout Toronto and the GTA.  Happy Customers include NO FRILLS and INTERNATIONAL NEWS, as well as gift shops, convenience stores, dry cleaners, luxury gift shops, and an assortment of specialty stores. Please Contact Us to learn more about our extensive wholesale greeting card program that caters to all ages and occasions.


    CUTE KID STUFF plans on continuing the tradition we started in our Greeting Card business of donating cards and holding events at Sick Kids, The Hospital for Sick Children. Three times a year (Mother's Day, Father's Day and during the holiday season), we will be holding events where we donate hundreds of cards so that kids who can't get out are able to choose a special card for their mom, dad, or someone special. 


    Hello moms & dads, grandmas & grandpas, aunts & uncles, and all the other special adults in a child's life! My name is Dalit (pronounced Da-leet) and I am the proud owner of CUTE KID STUFF, an online store and special event retailer that specializes in CUTE! 

    I've had the greatest time living and working in some amazing places around the world, and was always in awe of the quality and selection of items that I just couldn't find on Canadian store shelves.  There were brands that I had never heard of, and designs and styles of common items that simply went above and beyond the mainstream stuff I found here.  Even before having my own children, I was drawn to the selection of cute products found overseas, with a particular soft spot for classic wooden toys.

    After having lived in the USA for a few years, it was clear that I had been spoiled as a consumer: I found Canada (as much as I think this is a great country!) to be seriously lacking behind our neighbours to the south when it came to variety, selection and prices! I turned to online shopping, but found this to be frustrating (what are my customs and duties going to cost?), annoying (shipping costs often highter than the item itself!) and downright unfair (why does the exact same item cost more on than

    Now that I'm a mom of two young children (ages 3 and 5... featured in our logo!), I'm excited to have developed the kind of online Canadian store that I would want to shop at:  cute, unique products at a fair price.  My kids are equally excited at the vast variety of fun items that they get to play with, wear, and discover. 

    I look forward to hearing from you about items you are excited about, cute items that you would want us to sell in the future, or just to say Hello!  
    Please reach out to me at, or through any of our social media outlets.

    Happy Shopping!