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Bento Accessories

Bento Accessories aren’t just for making a lunchbox look fun! Adding these little bits of colour and excitement can help build your child’s enthusiasm for lunch time, and food in general. With these delightful decorations, you can even customize for particular hobbies and interests (e.g. Animals or Vehicles) or for special occasions and holidays.

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If you’re a bento newbie, it’s super-quick & easy to throw a food pick, food fork, or food ring into any bento box. Just place & go! Or, get creative with Stamps, Presses & Cutters which take a little more time – but make a huge impact on any lunch. You can also add color and design by adding in Pods, Cups, and Dividers - or even specialty Dip & Sauce Containers. Or go all out with Mini Cutlery, Seaweed Punches or Edible Markers. We have 100s of accessories to choose from – have fun!!