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Why we love PC Insiders

Hi! My name is Dalit and I'm the owner of I just joined PC Insiders, and am already blown away by all the precious TIME I've saved (not to mention the money I save) by shopping for my groceries online that I was inspired to share my experience with all my faithful (and new) customers here at CKS.


While I knew that shopping online would be a huge timesaver, there are perks that I didn't originally think of:

  • No running around the store (especially with tired/hungry kids)
  • No hustling crowded aisles with huge cumbersome grocery carts
  • No waiting in line to check out
  • No waiting for my items to be rung through
  • No bagging

Plus, I can shop anytime (in my PJs if I want to :-)).


Because all purchases are linked to a PC Optimum card, the online shopping experience is literally painless. To start, all my regular/most purchased items are at the top of my screen so that I can quickly purchase them again and again (if you see my kids' lunches you'll understand why!)  Also, items purchased "occasionally" are also conveniently listed.

Better yet, I can quickly add items to my card using the weekly flyers & deals tab (either by clicking product photos on the actual flyer, or via a list) or I can simply shop by aisle as if I was at the store.  There's also an option to save your own lists, so that you can quickly add multiple items favourites at once (e.g. "Movie night", "Meatless Mondays", Taco Tuesdays" get the idea).


I simply purchase my groceries online the night before I need them ($30 minimum), and select a 2-hour time slot for the next day. When I'm ready to pick up, I park in one of their dedicated spots, head inside, and my groceries are waiting for me (and yes, cold and frozen stuff are in temperature-controlled fridges and freezers!) ...and I'm out the door. Don't forget to select the eco-friendly "bring your own bags" option!

EXTRA CONVENIENCE @ Other locations:

It got even better when I tried the same (included) service at The Real Canadian Superstore. To start, I was impressed that I could select same day pickup...and wait for it - they bring your purchases to your car! I didn't even have to leave the driver's seat (hello Canadian Winters!) I parked in their "designated parking spot" and simply called the number on the sign; moments later the groceries were in my trunk. I see this being a HUGE plus for caregivers with young kids in car seats. 

Also - it's not just about convenience (though they had me at CONVENIENCE ;-))'s also about saving money. 


To start, you get 200 PC Optimum Points for every $1 you spend on the following brands:

For example, if you're spending $20/week on just baby diapers & wipes, you'll be getting $208/yr back in PC Optimum points! (And yes, they offer a calculator for that!)

Want more? How about Free Shipping (no minimum) on and my favourite, No Pickup Fee when you use PC Express, which includes a whole slew of Loblaws retailers:

Finally, if you become an Annual Member (this is where we're able to give you the whopping 25% discount!) also get a $99 travel credit toward eligible travel bookings at (I plan on using it on a 1 night family "staycation" right here in Ontario), a Surprise Gift (per year), and sneak peeks & exclusive offers on PC Insiders Collection items.

So what does this all cost? Well, you can either pay $9.99 a month, OR you can subscribe for an annual subscription (regular $99), and get it for 25% off, which comes out to $6.25/month. Note: the annual subscription is the only way to get the $99 travel credit and free yearly surprise gift!