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OmieLIfe V2 Divider (2-Pack) - Assorted Colours

Blue Omiebox V2 Dividers
Lime Omiebox V2 Dividers
Orange Omiebox V2 Dividers
Teal Omiebox V2 Dividers

The OmieBox Divider is for V2 OmieBoxes only and keeps the peas away from the carrots. :-)

Note: Your V2 OmieBox already comes with everything you need to get started! This is an extra divider for OmieBox® V2 only (not compatible with V1).

  • The divider can be used to create sub-sections in the long and short compartments


  • The Yellow OmieBox comes with a BLUE divider.
  • The Green OmieBox comes with a LIME divider.
  • The Blue OmieBox comes with am ORANGE divider.
  • The Purple & Pink OmieBoxes come with a TEAL divider.