SoYoung/Yumbox Tapas-Sized Lunch Box: BLUE Surf's Up!

$39.95 CAD

Brand SoYoung

The Anatomy of the Yumbox/SoYoung Lunch Box

  • 10.375” L x 7.5” W x 4.5” D
  • Large enough to accomodate Yumbox’s bigggest bento box (the Yumbox Tapas) and other snacks to spare.

Convertible Handle:

  • The traditional carry handle has been updated to rotate, enabling easy conversion to carry your Yumbox Lunch Box upright without needing to disturb its contents.

Removable Insert Lining:

  • Daily cleaning is easy - just remove the insert and rinse it out in the sink.

Insulated Interior:

  • The fully insulated interior helps food retain its temperature for longer periods.

Machine Washable:

  • Exterior spills can be scrubbed off or cleaned in the washing machine (no dryers please)! Dishwasher safe.

Eco Friendly:

  • Linen is a naturally resilient textile derived from the flax plant that can be grown without pesticides and requires 90% less water than other fibers. Our bags are also PVC, BPA, lead, and phthalate free.

**Does not include a Yumbox Bento Box