OmieBox Gasket (Select Colour) –
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OmieBox Gasket (Select Colour)

$2.95 CAD

Brand OmieLife

** Please be sure to select the preferred colour from the dropdown list.

To keep your food hot (and inside the Thermos bowl), ensure your gasket is up to par!  The round rubber gasket is fastened around the bottom of the thermos lid to make the thermos leakproof and to help keep heat from escaping.

Color options: 

Note: The Dark Blue Gasket is the original colour gasket for the Blue Sky OmieBox, and the Light Blue Gasket is the original colour for the Green Meadow OmieBox.

  • Blue Sky (Dark Blue)
  • Pink Berry
  • Purple Plum
  • Sunshine Yellow
  • Green Meadow (Light Blue)