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Cute Kid Stuff

Personalized Dinosaur Labels: Create your own Pack

  • These super-durable name labels are completely waterproof so go ahead and stick them on items that go in the dishwasher, microwave, freezer or outdoors! Whether your kid is off to school or venturing to sports camp, everything needs to be labeled.
  • Choose from sheets containing 4 different sizes to personalize everything that leaves the house. Cute, strong, and personalized just for you - to keep stuff from getting lost.
  • This product contains 2 SHEETS of your choice. Add more sheets to get the exact combination of labels you need: the more you buy, the more you save!
  • Sheet Configurations:
    1. SHEET A: 1 Bento Circle + 26 Small
    2. SHEET B: 1 Bento Circle + 14 Medium
    3. SHEET C: 1 Bento Circle + 10 Large
    4. SHEET D: 52 Small
    5. SHEET E: 28 Medium
    6. SHEET F: 20 Large
    7. SHEET G: 2 Bento Circles

    Label Dimensions:
    1. Bento Circle: 4" (100mm) Diameter
    2. Small: 2" x 0.25" (50mm x 7mm)
    3. Medium: 2" x 0.5" (50mm x 13mm)
    4. Large: 2" x 0.75" (50mm x 20mm)

    Add multiple sheets for the greatest variety!
  • Our labels have been tested under the most rigorous kid-like conditions! Made from the highest-quality vinyl and protected with a durable laminate finish, they are made to stick and LAST.
    1. High-performance vinyl
    2. Waterproof
    3. Dishwasher, Microwave, Fridge & Freezer Safe
    4. Super-strong Adhesive
    5. High Quality, Full-color Printing
    6. Scuff-proof
    7. Tear-resistant
  • Applying our labels is fast and easy! Just follow these steps:
    1. Peel and stick to a clean, dry, smooth surface.
    2. Smooth down to ensure strong contact.
    3. Wait 24hrs before putting item into dishwasher.