Cake Boss 6-Piece Classic Linzer Cookie Cutter Set –
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Cake Boss 6-Piece Classic Linzer Cookie Cutter Set

$19.99 CAD

Brand Cake Boss

While most people see this as a Classic Linzer Cookie Cutter Set, we bento lovers see huge lunch opportunities!  

This 6-Piece Decorating Tools set from Cake Boss gives you flexibility of easily carving cute shapes from a variety of lunch favourites such as carrots, apples, eggs, and more!  The five smaller cutters feature a stainless steel construction with handy "handles" that let you make fun shapes easily and safely: round, fluted, star, crescent moon or heart.

Or, bake traditional Linzer tart cookies filled with raspberry jam, or experiment with other fillings like chocolate hazelnut cream or apricot preserves. The durable stainless steel set features a large fluted cookie cutter with a convenient nylon plunger that pushes the food out after it's cut..The cutters are top-rack dishwasher safe.


  • Set includes one Large Fluted Round Cutter and Five Small Cutters: Round, Fluted Round, Star, Crescent Moon and Heart
  • The durable stainless steel Linzer cookie cutter set features a large fluted cutter with a nylon plunger that pushes out cut dough shapes
  • Each small Linzer cutter easily inserts into and releases from the main cutter; all cutters are top-rack dishwasher safe