Boiled Egg Moulds: 6-Pack

$12.95 CAD

Brand Cute Kid Stuff

Shape hard boiled eggs into an adorable shape with these easy to use egg moulds. Includes: Bear, Star, Heart, Bunny, Fish and Car.

***Colour of mould may vary (Blue, Pink, Orange, Green or Yellow)


  1. Hard boil an egg
  2. Place the just cooked (still warm) hard boiled egg into the mould bottom, slowly close the top and secure. 
  3. Put egg and mould into cold water. After 10 minutes, remove and slowly open the mould, revealing the shape. You can also choose to leave the filled mould in the fridge for 30 min.

Contents: 1 Egg mould

Moulds comes packaged in a clear cellophane bag.