VALID UNTIL SEPTEMBER 17, 2018: now offers 
FREE Customized Bento Label(s) 
for the Bento Boxes you buy from us!

+ get 10% off any other customized labels!!

**This offer can end at any time.


STEP 1:  Buy Boxes

Select the bento box(es) you wish to purchase and place them in your cart.  You can choose from ANY of the bento boxes we carry (we've included links below to the ones that fit this label best)...but of course you can use the label on any box you own...or on any other lunch item for that matter!

➜ When a Bento box is added to your cart, the appropriate number of bento labels will be added to your cart automatically. No code required! If you require more than 3 free labels, please 

STEP 2:  Receive Promo Code

Once you've completed your order, you will get an email from us with a special code you can use to redeem your free label(s) at Oliver's Labels. It may take up to 24 hours to receive your code (but usually only takes about 15 minutes. The code will be good for 1, 2, or 3 free labels (depending on the # of bento boxes purchased). Your customized bento label (along with any other labels you purchase) will be shipped for free! 

STEP 3:  Design Labels

Redeem your code on the Oliver's Labels website.  This is where the fun starts! You'll get to choose everything from hair style and fun expressions and outfits. Do it with the kids! When you're happy with your creation, proceed through the Oliver's Label's checkout: this is where you'll provide your address so that they can ship you your labels for free!). 



No problem! Just in time for camp and back-to-school, get 10% off any labels you add to your order!

You can even reuse your personal caricatures to create a matching set!  

Let's start shopping for Bento Boxes!

Here is a list of of the Bento Boxes we currently carry.
They all qualify for the free Bento Label deal! 
The ones in BOLD are most suitable for a label of this size/type:
Yumbox Original (6 Compartment)
Yumbox Panino (4 Compartment)
Yumbox Tapas (Larger 4/5 Compartment)
Yumbox MiniSnack
Bentgo Kids
Bentgo Fresh
Bentgo Stackable
Bentgo Salad
Bentgo Glass
PlanetBox Shuttle
PlanetBox Rover
PlanetBox Launch


Go Green 5 Compartment
Go Green 4 Compartment

Little Lunch Box Co TWOs
Little Lunch Box Co THREEs
Little Lunch Box Co FIVEs