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Magnote Piperoid Smoke & Bill Paper Craft Robot Kit - Ninja Mates

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Brand Magnote

Looking for a unique gift that keeps kids busy and unplugged? Discover the ingenious world of PIPEROID, where kids can make crafts they are proud of. Follow the instructions to create the character shown, or create your own unique design by moving or swapping parts with unexpected results!

PIPEROID is an award-winning Japanese 3D papercraft kit from Kyoto that is a mix of traditional block construction toy & origami. Just cut, fold, and insert the pipes in the predrilled holes and build without any tape or glue mess. The only tool required is scissor - the holes are designed to snugly hold the pipes together but loose enough to allow the joints to move! With new styles being released every year, PIPEROID has become one of the top giftable items for all ages. 

  • 10 years old or more? You can do this on your own :-).
  • Under 10? A great project to do with a friend or family member!