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Lunchbox Love® For Kids: Volume 57

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Brand Say Please

Lunchbox Love® are positive notes and fun trivia for your child’s lunchbox, backpack, binder, or pillow.

We all want to stay connected with our kids even when we can’t be with them. Lunchbox Love® is an easy yet meaningful way to share love and happiness throughout the school day. Positive words on the front (e.g., I love you more than you could ever imagine) inspire while fun trivia (e.g., The alligator snapping turtle use its tongue as bait to lure fish into its mouth.) on the back entertain.

Each volume contains 12 cards that come in a credit-card sized plastic case:

  • 10 cards that contain a fun fact on one side, and an inspiring message on the other
  • 2 cards that contain a fun fact on one side, and are blank on the other (so that you can customize your note). 

Photo of a sample Lunchbox Love® Note in action, courtesy of Sylina Lunches.  (The card shown below may not be included in this volume.)